Please have a look at this list of questions we are asked the most often!

Our Driving Test Routes App provides driving test routes with integrated navigation in a single, user-friendly system.
It offers features that allow you to practise test routes at your selected test centre, monitor your driving test and convert it into a sat nav format, an alert to notify you when your driving test is taking place, and a history of your routes.
It’s as simple as going to the App Store on your iPhone or Google Play and downloading it. Creating an account requires an email address and a method of payment.
The beginning point of a learner’s driving test is always a driving test centre. The app will guide you to the test centre, and after you have reached there, the test route will appear and you’ll be on your way.
Working together with learner drivers and chosen instructors, Test Routes is constantly updating routes.
The app is fully compatible and functional on a range of mobile devices and is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
It is possible that certain test centres are no longer functioning or that we have not built a test route for that DTC. Contact us if that is the case and we will gladly build a customised test route for that testing facility.
In the unlikely event that this occurs, restart your device and log back into the application. Please contact us if the problem continues, and we will attempt to address it as quickly as possible.
Learning to drive without a provisional licence and insurance is both unlawful and dangerous.
No, the individual must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driver’s licence for a minimum of three years.
A paid membership to the Test Routes app will last 1 year from the date of purchase for those who have subscribed.
Please ensure the mute/silent button (often located on the side of the phone) is activated and the volume is set to maximum.
Please contact us and send us a screenshot of your in-app invoice if you have paid a subscription. You can retrieve the invoice by entering it into your iTunes or Google Play account.