Practice Your Driving Test and Pass With Confidence

How It Works

You can practise your driving test routes by downloading our all-in-one test routes app. With an intuitive interface and complete turn-by-turn navigation, getting ready for your driving test has never been simpler.


Select which test centre you’ve booked a driving test at or thinking of booking. Or see a list of all of the testing locations. Test Routes will produce a list of over 370 test centres that are accessible for you to choose from.

Select The Test Centres

Choose the route you’d like to practice. Use the app to navigate to the start point of the DTC. When you reach the start point, you’ll be prompted by a “start your test route” pop up. Simply press YES and away you go.


Just like Google Maps, our software delivers complete voice and visual turn-by-turn navigation! Simply follow the instructions along the designated test path.


Exam routes can vary in length and difficulty; all completed routes are saved on your account for you to view.

How the Driving Test App Works

App Features

It’s our mission to make it easier for you to pass your driving test while also saving you money on driving lessons and tests. Watch the video to learn more.