Test Routes respects the privacy of each individual and their personal information it handles.

This Privacy Policy explains how Test Routes stores and uses personal information.

  • When registering to this site, Test Routes collects basic data such as your name and email address to create an account.
  • Test routes will never disclose or misuse personal data. All our servers are strongly secured with the most robust firewall security. In the event of our systems being compromised, we will not accept full liability for and third-party involvement.
  • A cookie is an element of data sent from our website and stored on your computer by your web browser. As part of our procedures, we track the browsing behaviour of our customers on our site to enable us to obtain data. Should you wish to prevent this, you can disable this function in your browser.
  • We do not distribute any data we obtain to any other organisations outside the EEA unless they operate to the standards required under the GDPR regulations.
  • Test Routes tracking will track your location at the time of your driving test, if permission is granted, according to the date and time, that is set by the user. We do not share or misuse location and respect all privacy guidelines and guidance. The location permission will enable the user to convert the route and practice the route using the Test Routes app.

All the Driving test locations on the test routes app are up to date as to the best of our knowledge,
however due to the DVSA, some locations of the Driving Test Centres (DTC)

  • • May have moved.
    • The DTC is may have closed.
  • Please always make sure the location point of YOUR driving test centre is always correct. We cannot accept liability of information that is not freely available to us.
  • If you do find out that your test centre no longer exists or has moved then PLEASE do get in contact and we can create bespoke routes for you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us on